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Company info

Dekart Ltd. was established in 1994. Our company is a member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce (Registration No. 121-462).

Dekart Ltd. is a professional company in the field of design, installation, reconstruction and commission of engineering systems for industrial and civil projects  (License No. ГС-1-99-02-26-0-7714297617-033523-1) for  designing  buildings  and  constructions of I and II complexity levels as per the State standard).

Branch of the Dekart Ltd. in Libya was opened in 2009 (Registration No. 68112).

The company’s main activity: engineering systems for buildings and construction as well as production of air ducts of various complexity.

A complete set of our services enables our customers to cooperate with the same contractor who works "turn-key” basis and guarantees the quality.

Our staff’s professional performance will ensure a high quality installation work and effectively functioning engineering systems.

We provide after-sales services that will save our customers time and money because we are sure of our high-quality performance. Dekart Ltd. contracts for line maintenance of engineering systems as well.


Dekart Ltd. undertakes to ensure longer than one-year warranty depending on the equipment installed and a type of installation complexity.

Types of inside and outside engineering systems installed by Dekart Ltd.:

• Ventilation

• Air Conditioning (Chilling)

• Heating

• Central and individual heat points

• Water supply and sewerage

• Electric supply

• Low current systems



Dekart Ltd. has its own production facility of a complete set of air ducts for ventilation and air conditioning systems. We increase constantly a range of our services and upgrade the qualification level of our personnel.

We are proud of our reputation, do our best to maintain it and welcome any offers of cooperation!




• Design of ventilation and air conditioning systems

• Installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems

• Verification of compliance systems performance calculated data for different modes of systems. Verification of compliance of air quality parameters calculated.

• Maintenance of ventilation equipment (fans, ducts, etc.).

• Control over the lack of noise and vibration; damper position and throttle valve, the absence of leaks in the radiator, the evaporators, in the cells and irrigation pipes.

• Check the status of bearings, couplings, pulleys, etc.

• Carrying out repairs and lubrication work.

• Inspection and cleaning of filter elements.

• Inspection and cleaning of the working surface heaters.

• Inspection of pipes and valves.

• Inspection of the air intake.

• Inspection and efficiency of the compressor.

• Inspection of insulation.

• Maintenance of air heating and ventilation (including the automation and control).

• Maintenance ventilation Smoke.

• Check proper operation of ventilation systems and channels.

• Installation and repair of safety gratings exhaust shafts.

• Clearing blockages in the ventilation ducts.

• Anticorrosive paint exhaust shafts.

• Insulation of the exhaust air ducts and exhaust shafts.

• Check the status of intake and exhaust ventilation shafts and channels.

• Installation and repair of pallets under the team exhaust shaft.

• Maintenance of fire-retarding valves.


• Design of heat supply systems

• Installation of heat supply systems

• Maintenance of equipment heat points, equipped with means automatic control. Maintaining the optimum temperature in the heated rooms and the temperature of water entering and returning from the heating system in accordance with the schedule of quality control of water temperature in the heating system. Accounting for the flow of thermal energy.

• Checking the tightness of the system.

• Verification of the automatic temperature controls and pressure.

• Maintenance of heating and hot water supply (inspection, repair the damaged thermal insulation of pipelines, maintenance of valves and valves, tightening bolted, cleaning of rust, grease, tint, removing small defects).

• Preparation heating systems for winter operation (hydraulic tests, preparation of an act of preparedness systems for winter operation, together with representatives of the district heating network).


• Design of electrical systems

• Design of low current systems: CCTV, Structured wiring, Antenna system, Electro - acoustics system.

• Installation of electrical systems

• Installation of low current systems: CCTV, Structured wiring, Antenna system, Electro - acoustics system

• Verification of conformity of the actual energy consumption standards for each consumer.

• Maintenance cabinets induction and induction and distribution devices, with the installed equipment in their protection, control and management (automatic induction valve, boards automation devices and much more.)

• Maintenance cable networks.

• Replacement lamps internal, external lighting, perimeter and area parking lots.

• Identification and elimination of disturbances and damage to the lighting mains and electric motors.

• Maintenance of lighting equipment with automatic switching and control their equipment, including lighting fixtures installed in-floor hallways, lobbies, offices and other premises.

• Maintenance of power and lighting installations pump and boiler, process equipment.

• Maintenance of equipment canteen.

• Maintenance of electric equipment.

• Maintenance of low current systems: CCTV, Structured wiring, Antenna system, Electro -

acoustics system.


• Design of BMS

• Installation of BMS

• Realignment of management schemes control relay, electromagnetic and semiconductor electric, hot water, heating and ventilation.

• Repair of automatic thermal hot water systems.

• Repair of automatic feeding systems, central heating, drainage pumps, meters of heat consumption.

• Replacement thermometers, pressure gauges, automatic heat, heat meters.


• Design of water supply and sewage systems

• Installation of water supply and sewage systems

• Technical control and supervision over the use of water consumers, accounting quantity consumed and diverted water, repair leaks.

• Cleaning and replacement water filters.

• Maintenance of pipelines, stop and control valves water extinguishing system.

• Accounting for the flow of water through water meter site.

• Cleaning of drainage pipes and cleaning of wells.

• Pumping water from the chambers and wells.

• Washing, cleaning water seal, issues santehpriborov.

• Uninterrupted drainage and wastewater treatment and sludge treatment, and their decontamination in accordance with the governing documents.

• Operation of internal devices, water and sewer networks (service stop and control valves, flushing and cleaning of issues santehpriborov, etc.).

• Operation of internal networks, water supply and sanitation services (inspection, checking the technical condition, adjustment and podnaladka, tightening bolted, cleaning, lubrication, removal of small defects, tint).

• Maintenance of sewage systems.

• Maintenance of pumps, shut-off and regulating valves of hot and cold water supply, sewerage and fire fighting.

• Maintenance of circulating water system.

• Maintenance of equipment sewage treatment plants.

• Maintenance of drainage pumps.


• Design of storm water systems

• Installation of storm water systems

• Monitoring of internal and external drainage, drainage.

• Contents in good technical condition treatment facilities and their equipment.

• Providing clean runoff before discharge into municipal storm sewers.

• Maintenance of internal and external drainage, drainage.

• Washing and cleaning of stormwater. 


• Construction and installation external networks of water, sewerage, storm water and electricity

• Maintenance of outdoor networks, district heating, water, electricity and sewerage to the boundary demarcation with urban organizations (inspection, checking the technical condition, regulation and adjustment, tightening bolted, cleaning, lubrication, eliminating small defects).



• Installation of compressor machines of pumps and fans.

• Installation of boilers and auxiliary equipment

• Installation of individual boilers.

• Installation of systems of autonomous water supply.

• Device of septic tanks.

• Installation of water purification systems.

• Repair of technological equipment.

• Repair and replacement of boilers accessories.

• Repair and replacement of heat exchangers.

• Repair and replacement of stop and control valves.